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A shipayrd building that let you customize your ship + some fun build pieces

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Mod adds 2 crafting tables + a set of build pieces that is resistant to water and rain + neck bait that currently nto so sure on how many fishes works :D

This is a bugfixed old version that still has no configs.

NOTE: This mod may require any type of Build Menu extension due to amount of new build pieces. THere are multiple diffrent ones you can use starting with BuildExtension and other similar mods

First crafting table is Scribes table - you craft there a Schematic that tells you what will be added to what ship and what is the list of needed materials for upgrade

Second Crafting station is a custom one - Shipyard "table" has a special container where you need to put in Schematic you crafted on Scribe's table + the list of materials for the extensions IN EXACT AMOUNT otherwise you get a warrning that it dosent work. Then pull the lever on the other side of the table. The ship needs to be as close to Shipyard crafting table as possible . if there is more then 1 ship in range of same type the first detected will be upgrade.

If ship already contains an upgrade table will try to find next ship in range to upgrade. If you have trouble - best practice take all ships away from shipyard station and dock near it only the ship you want to upgrade.

Extensions are only for vanilla Karve and Longship that is now renamed to DRAKKAR

Karve extensions: SHields - increase ship health by 200 Lamp - adds a lamp with light and warm effect Bagpack - increase cargo size by 4 slots Oars - increase ships speed Anchor - adds an interactive elemnt that let you drop the anchor and stop the ship in place

  • Added an attach point on front of the ship (same as on Long ship) -You can also change sail color to few options

Long ship(DRAKKAR) extensions: Shields - increase ship health by 200 Lamp - adds a lamp + torches with light and warm effect Barrels- increase cargo size by 2 columns (6 slots) Crates - increase cargo size by 1 row (8 slots) Oars - increase ships speed Anchor - adds an interactive elemnt that let you drop the anchor and stop the ship in place Tent - inrease ship health by 200 and adds shelter buff while under it

  • You can also change sail color to few options
  • You can also change ship head decoration to 3 other options

Other build pieces are standard buildables that dont respond to water damage Ther are stylized as black core wood with rope detail

  • pole and beam 2m and 4m, 2m 45 and 27 degree beams, ramp(27 degree floor), floor and 1m pole,

Other elements are :

  • Tar fueled Sconce
  • Small cargo crate - 4 slot
  • Dock cargo chest - 40 slot
  • Small Dragon head standing decor
  • 2m high ladder (interactive upon click teleports you to the top of it)

As said mod does not have any config right now everything is setup and balanced pretty well :)

Future plans: -optimize code -add configs -add more customization options -create integrations to other ship mods

Update 1.1.1: Fixed issue with Anchor - Levitating ships when water level drops

Update 1.1.2: Fixed issue with Anchor error on Unity5 Changed parameters for Oars to fix issue with stearing the ship

Update 1.1.3: Upgrades cost is returned upon ship destruction. Exception not returned : Schematic item and extensions for changing Sail/Head decoration

Update 1.1.4: 4 new sails added for Bjornheim Server

For support help and fun talks join Ymir Mods:

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