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For Izlheim server

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Dependency string Brofo-IzlHeimPack-1.17.22
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This mod requires the following mods to function

RandyKnapp-ExtendedItemDataFramework-1.0.6 icon

Extends ItemData for modders. Adds Unique ID to items.

Preferred version: 1.0.6
RandyKnapp-EpicLoot-0.8.5 icon

Adds loot drops, magic items, and enchanting to Valheim.

Preferred version: 0.8.5
Menthus-Better_Trader-2.0.4 icon

Adds a custom trader menu, 310+ items to buy/sell, built-in support for Epic Loot, and an extensive list of configuration options.

Preferred version: 2.0.4
abearcodes-CraftingWithContainers-1.0.14 icon

Allows crafting by using resources in nearby chests

Preferred version: 1.0.14
abearcodes-SimpleRecycling-0.0.13 icon

Adds a tab to the crafting station that recycles (uncrafts) items from player inventory

Preferred version: 0.0.13
MaxiMods-MultiCraft-0.2.7 icon

Easy interface to craft multiple items of the same recipe.

Preferred version: 0.2.7
Eskylar-Troll_Visual_Upgrade-1.2.0 icon

This mod is a full visual re-skin of the troll model. Hopefully you think it fits better with the rest of the game too!

Preferred version: 1.2.0
purpledxd-Locator-1.0.8 icon

Finds and pins various Valheim locations / entities on the minimap!

Preferred version: 1.0.8
EmrikNorth_and_Aedenthorn-JotunnBackpacks-2.0.0 icon

Adds two new craftable backpacks into the game.

Preferred version: 2.0.0
pipakin-SkillInjector-1.1.1 icon

Injects new skills in a simple way for mod authors.

Preferred version: 1.1.1
guiriguy-MoreSkills-1.10.1 icon

Adds new skills to the game and Overhauls others. All Configurable and can Disable one by one if wanted

Preferred version: 1.10.1
Sarab-AutoFeedByAedenthorn-0.4.0 icon

Lets tameable animals eat from nearby containers, If you enjoy the mod please go download from nexus to support the creator.

Preferred version: 0.4.0
Rolo-CraftyCarts-1.1.0 icon

Crafting stations on wheels!

Preferred version: 1.1.0
xiaoxiao921-Lead-0.0.3 icon

Custom item for leashing and leading mobs

Preferred version: 0.0.3
OdinPlus-Marketplace_and_Server_NPCs-1.2.1 icon

A mod made by KG that adds 5 NPCs that admins can configure: Marketplace, new Trader, ServerInfo, Daily Reward, Feedback

Preferred version: 1.2.1
RandyKnapp-EquipmentAndQuickSlots-2.0.14 icon

Give equipped items their own dedicated inventory slots, plus three more hotkeyable quick slots.

Preferred version: 2.0.14
KGvalheim-MagicOverhaul-1.5.1 icon

[UPDATED H&H] Mod adds 11 classes with unique Spells , new custom player animations and UI - NOW WITH CONFIGURATION (Server Sync)

Preferred version: 1.5.1
robclancy-Bigger_Chests-1.0.1 icon

Bigger chests, ship storage and carts to help with the tedious chest spam. New sizes are to help with feeling a little more freedom while hoarding while not being overpowered and staying within the spirit of the game.

Preferred version: 1.0.1
ishid4-BetterArchery-1.7.0 icon

Adds many features and changes to bow gameplay.

Preferred version: 1.7.0
LVH-IT-UseEquipmentInWater-0.2.2 icon

Allows you to use your Equipment while swimming in water

Preferred version: 0.2.2
OdinPlus-PotionPlus-1.1.1 icon

Adds several simple potions to the game with potion.json to edit the recipes.

Preferred version: 1.1.1
Smoothbrain-CreatureLevelAndLootControl-4.4.3 icon

Puts YOU in control of creature level and loot!

Preferred version: 4.4.3
DasSauerkraut-Terraheim-2.2.0 icon

Terraheim is an overhaul for Valheim's armor system. It also fills in gaps in the weapon roster.

Preferred version: 2.2.0
JereKuusela-Dedicated_server_devcommands-1.2.0 icon

Enables most devcommands for server admins.

Preferred version: 1.2.0


Modpack for izlheim

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2021-9-24 1.17.22 41 Version 1.17.22 Install
2021-9-24 1.17.21 15 Version 1.17.21 Install
2021-9-24 1.17.20 21 Version 1.17.20 Install
2021-9-19 1.17.19 27 Version 1.17.19 Install