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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1901


ComfyGizmo v1.4.0

Comfy-specific version of Gizmo.

  • Configurable modifier hot-keys for:
    • X-axis rotation (default: hold LeftShift)
    • Z-axis rotation (default: hold LeftAlt)
    • Reset selected axis rotation (default: V)
    • Reset ALL axis rotations (disabled by default)
  • Can disable the Gizmo placement visual.
  • Can set the snap angles per 180 degrees from 2 - 256.
  • Original Euler-style rotation.


Manual installation:

  1. Unzip Gizmo.dll to your /valheim/BepInEx/plugins/ folder


  1. Disable or uninstall the existing Gizmo v1.0.0 mod by Rolo.
  2. Disable or uninstall any manually installed ComfyGizmo_v1.3.0 or earlier.
  3. Go to Settings > Import local mod > select
  4. Click "OK/Import local mod" on the pop-up for information.



  • Create a new GameObject ComfyGizmo to maintain the current Quaternion rotation state.
  • Re-ordered the mapping/assignment of original Gizmo's prefab XYZ roots/transforms per request by Jere.
  • Increased the snap-angles maximum from 128 to 256.
  • Moved plugin configuration logic into its own class PluginConfig.
  • Renamed the author field in manifest.json to ComfyMods.


  • Try to add compatability with other mods that also transpile UpdatePlacementGhost.


  • Added configuration option for a 'reset all rotations' hot-key (default to un-set).
  • Cleaned-up the UpdatePlacementGhost transpiler.


  • Modified GizmoRoot instantiate to trigger on Game.Start().


  • Turn SnapDivisions into a slider.
  • Moved Resources.GetResources() into the main plugin file.


  • Rewrite of Gizmo for Comfy-specific use.
  • Supprot re-binding of modifier keys and simplify code to one file.

Available versions

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