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Adds a set of weapons + 12 new metals

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// Uploaded with permission from Balrond @ ODIN Plus Team Discord //

Balrond's Arsenal is a growing mod with increasing amount of weapons and in the future armor pieces as well.

This mod includes Darksteel Weapons mod found here

Currently there are 40 new weapons/tools, 1 helmet and 12 new metals:


  • Gold bar - 700 gold coins
  • Bilon + Tin + Silver + Copper
  • Frosteel - Cobalt + Iron + Crystal
  • Bell Metal - Bronze + SIlver Scrap
  • Darksteel - Iron + Coal + Obsidian
  • Electrum - Gold + Silver + Thunderstone
  • Orichalcum - Guck + Black Metal + Copper
  • Tumpaga - Copper + Gold + Greydwarf Eye
  • White Metal - Black Metal + Tin + Dragon Tear
  • MagmiteSteel - Darksteel + Flametal + Surtling Core
  • Silver Scrap - Made either by destroying necklece or silver bar
  • Cobalt - Metal that should be spawned/dropped by monsters in Deep north(will implement proper ore soon)

Adds Black Metal Hammer, Hoe, Cultivator which have 4x durability , lowered cost(3 instead of 5) and a +5% movement speed.
Adds a single Armor piece is a golden crown that is more decorative and have different lighting than Dwerger Circlet.

I am open for feedback when it comes to recipe cost or weapon stats/feeling.

List of weapons/armor pieces ID:


Shipyard Shipyard Shipyard Shipyard Shipyard

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