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Magical Creatures for you to use as mounts!

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// You can find me @CookieMilk at ODIN Plus Team Discord //

There's 2 variants, a mount and a wild version you tame and put saddle on.
This lets people keep a tamed creature to use in stables and such that isn't a pocket mount.

To use the mount version you craft the required item, put it in your hotbar, use it.
This will summon you onto the creature and you will be stuck on it until you press ESC which will desummon you.

If you press mouse button or spacebar you will stop the controller doodad.
Look at the neck where it says "Mount" and press E and you will regain control.

To use the wild version you need to configure it in the in game configuration.
You can decide for yourself how you want it to be spawned in the world or manual spawning.
Once it's in the world, you need to craft the Cosmic Treat, put it on the ground the creature will eat it and get tamed.
Once the creature has gotten tamed, you can pet, command it as usual and to ride it you craft the required saddle and put it on.

Besides this, the mod also has "Living Statues" for you to place and just enjoy.
I've also added a weapon called Unicorn Rainbow which is a sledgehammer with custom model.

This mod has been in the works for a long time and I took a break to make other mods.
I decided to upload it so people can enjoy the current content while I return to it to add more.
I will add flying and sea mounts and they will as the current creatures have a mount and wild version and statues.

The cosmic version of creatures are now able to attack and jump!
The mount version allows you to manually attack with LMB and RMB and spacebar to jump.
The mount version will also attack enemies on it's own if you stay still but you still have control
The wild version does not allow you to manually attack or jump and it will attack on its on own, dismounted or mounted.

The Creatures

1x White Horse Mount
1x Black Horse Mount
1x Gray Horse Mount
1x Brown Horse Mount
1x Palomino Horse Mount
1x Cosmic Horse Mount

1x White Deer Mount
1x Black Deer Mount
1x Cosmic Deer Mount

1x White Horse Wild
1x Black Horse Wild
1x Gray Horse Wild
1x Brown Horse Wild
1x Palomino Horse Wild
1x Cosmic Horse Wild

1x White Deer Wild
1x Black Deer Wild
1x Cosmic Deer Wild

The Items

1x White Horse Statue
1x Black Horse Statue
1x Gray Horse Statue
1x Brown Horse Statue
1x Palomino Horse Statue
1x Cosmic Horse Statue

1x White Deer Statue
1x Black Deer Statue
1x Cosmic Deer Statue

Cosmic Treat 
Unicorn Rainbow 

The Prefabs







The Configuration

All prefabs in this mod can be changed in the in game configuration.
Such as requirements to craft the items, change the mount version from land to fly or sea mount.
You can also change if there's a cooldown, if the mounts can mounted in combat (you will demount if combat) etc.

The wild variants needs to be customized as they do not spawn per default.
I did it this way to let people choose themself and not to clog up the players world.

Do you have feedback regarding this mod?
Let me know over at the Discord!

Do you want to support me?
PayPal, BuyMeACoffee

Available versions

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