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A mod that will allow you to upgrade the antler pickaxe just like any other

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Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.12.4


Upgrade Antler Pickaxe

A simple mod to allow upgrades for the Antler Pickaxe, just like any other pickaxe in the game.


The mod comes with a config, be sure to check wether the config has changed on future updates. The following options are available:

  • Enable: Wether the Antler Pickaxe can be upgraded. Default: true
  • Create clone: Wether the mod creates a new item (a clone) of the Antler Pickaxe or edits the original. Default: false
  • Name: The name applied to the item. Default: Antler Pickaxe+
  • Description: The description applied to the item. Default: (Same as original) This tool is hard enough to crack even the most stubborn rocks.
  • CraftingStation: In which crafting station you can build the item. Default: Workbench
  • Crafting Costs: The crafting cost to make the item. Default: Wood:10,HardAntler:1
  • Upgrade Costs: The material cost to upgrade the item. Default: Wood:4,HardAntler:1
  • Upgrade multiplier: The multiplier applied to the upgrade cost. Default: 1


There are currently no features planned


Found a bug or have some suggestions? You can leave a post or bug report here:



  • Enabled client/server requiring the mod and same version
  • Added Filewatcher to watch for config changes & tested ServerSync, config changes should synchronize and update in game
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  • Fixed internal name to be unique from JotunnModStub causing issues with my other mods


  • Removed the weapons I made for my friends and created entire new ones in this mod The prefab names are not the same, if you update to this version they will be removed!
  • Added config entries to set the name, description, crafting station, crafting recipe, upgrade costs & being able to choose wether to edit the orignal Antler Pickaxe or to create a clone
  • The plugin GUID has changed, please remove the old config & edit the new one (sorry :S)


  • Updated README to announce that the special weapons will be moved to a different mod in the future


  • First release

Available versions

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2023-9-24 1.1.2 113 Version 1.1.2 Install
2023-9-14 1.1.1 138 Version 1.1.1 Install
2023-9-14 1.1.0 20 Version 1.1.0 Install