Mods uploaded by GetOffMyLawn

ToggleMovementMod (ToMoMo) takes care of "Valheim pinkie" pain. Toggle sprint plus auto-run. Introduces auto-sneak. Auto-run/sneak follows look direction. Stamina safeguards. Auto-run directly to auto-sneak and vice versa. Switch weapons while sprinting!
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
Feather Cape now draws its power from Wisplight. When equipped together, the Feather Fall effects work normally. Otherwise, your fall speed and fall damage protection are proportionally bound to your available stamina.
Last updated: a month ago
Inspired by Keezys_Better_Wolves. If tame cubs are detected within 30 meters, all wolf howls are silenced. This simultaneously permits domestic peace and quiet, and allows adult tame wolves to follow you without silencing nearby enemy wolves.
Last updated: 2 months ago