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Adds static NPC's for use with Marketplace And Server NPCs Revamped.

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Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.7.6



Adds 6 Static models with 2 idle animations for use with KG Marketplace as NPC's, or palced as eye candy with a mod like Infinity Hammer.

Prefab Names

  • Devil_MKNPC
  • Dragon_MKNPC
  • Gargoyle_MKNPC
  • Cobra_MKNPC
  • Mushroom_MKNPC
  • Naga_MKNPC

Patch Notes


  • Initial Release

Available versions

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