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Adds two Boss monster's and a variety of monster Mushroom's and Spore's

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Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.7.6



This is a Modpack Resource. Adds 8 Mushroom Monsters and Spores along with 2 bosses, 2 boss Altars, 2 boss Runestones and 2 boss Vegvisirs.


  • No monsters or spores have world spawns, you will need to either set them up via code or use a 3rd party mod.
  • All 6 locations are disabled by default. You can enable them in the config file for new worlds or to use a 3rd party mod.
  • If all 6 locations are enabled and added to the map, you will have all you need to summon the bosses, as the Vegvisir and Runestone locations have 2 defenders that can drop the summoning items.

Brief Overview

  • Bosses are designed as group encounters (3-5+).
  • There is one monster for each Biome. All have basic attacks and an anti melee AoE ability.
  • There are spores for most Biomes, they do not move, have a ranged attack and are de-spawned if you leave the zone.

Spawn That Usage

Open spawn_that.world_spawners_advanced.cfg located in your BepInEx\Config folder and add an entry similar to this, or you can do 1 for each monster and just increase the number by 1 each time. 666, 667 etc. You can find more in depth tutorials on the Spawn That Github Wiki.

Name = Nom Nom
PrefabName = MushroomMeadows_MP
Biomes = Meadows
Enabled = true
MaxSpawned = 2
SpawnInterval = 300
SpawnChance = 25
ConditionDistanceToCenterMin = 500


Prefab Names


  • MushroomBossDN_MP
  • MushroomBossSwamp_MP

Summoning Items

  • ThistleCap_MP (Swamp)
  • IceCap_MP (Deep North)

Items that can be used in Recipes

  • NonNonFungus_MP
  • MonMonFungus_MP
  • UnedibleMushroom_MP


  • GoldNonNonStatue_MP
  • GoldMonMonStatue_MP
  • SilverNonNonStatue_MP
  • SilverMonMonStatue_MP


  • MushroomAshLands_MP
  • MushroomDeepNorth_MP (Drops Summoning item for Deep North boss, 15% chance)
  • MushroomForest_MP (Drops Summoning item for Swamp boss, 7.5% chance)
  • MushroomMeadows_MP
  • MushroomMistlands_MP
  • MushroomMountain_MP (Drops Summoning item for Deep North boss, 7.5% chance)
  • MushroomPlains_MP
  • MushroomSwamp_MP (Drops Summoning item for Swamp boss, 15% chance)


  • SporeForest_MP
  • SporeMistland_MP
  • SporeMountain_MP
  • SporeNorth_MP
  • SporePlains_MP
  • SporeSwamp_MP


  • MushroomSporeJack_MP (Swamp)
  • MushroomSummonSpore_MP (Deep North)
  • MushroomSummonSporeling_MP (Deep North)

Location Names

  • Loc_FungusGrove_MP (Deep North)
  • Loc_MushroomGrove_MP (Swamp)
  • Loc_Vegvisr_MonMon_MP (Black Forest)
  • Loc_Vegvisr_NonNon_MP (Mountain)
  • Loc_Runestone_MonMon_MP (Deep North)
  • Loc_Runestone_NonNon_MP (Swamp)

Patch Notes


Added SFX to the SFX mixer instead of the generic Ambient mixer.


Fixed Localization of Inedible Fungus
Fixed Moder event starting upon boss summons


  • Initial Release

Available versions

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2023-6-1 1.0.2 1644 Version 1.0.2 Install
2023-2-21 1.0.1 2442 Version 1.0.1 Install
2023-2-21 1.0.0 28 Version 1.0.0 Install