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Adds 18 new Two Handed Weapons to Valheim. With practical damage numbers to match Valheim. Custom Itemstand positions, and an extra attack with a configureable hotkey.

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1500


Adds 18 new Two Handed Weapons to Valheim. With practical damage numbers to match Valheim. Features: -Configurable Stats, Recipes, and Languages -A extra Third attack triggered by a configurable hotkey (default is 'mouse 3') -Config syncing for Servers and Hosts -Unique positions for Item Stands

NOTE!!! As of the re-branding from More Two Handers to Armory as of V5.0.0 old config files should have the "htd.moretwohanders" be renamed to "htd.armory" before launching the game to retain any custom changes you may have done, if not it will just regenerate new configs for Armory, the old ones will still be there to reference but then you'll have to move those values over.

Public Localization File (will Update Embedded files with changes here each update): Google Sheet You can also download the file as a .tsv and drop it in the "Valheim\BepInEx\config" path to update it yourself if you do not wish to wait for a the mod to update and then delete your old "htd.armory_localization.tsv" file to regenerate from the embedded data.

Installation: Move the "ValheimHTDArmory.dll" into your Plugins folder.

Config: A config file is generated that will allow you to enable/disable the recipes for each one, tweak their damage stats, the Name, and Description (temporary means of localization), and where it is crafted, the min level of the station, and the max level the weapon can be upgraded to. Can also set a Hotkey to use the weapon's 3rd attack, default is "mouse 3" which would be the 4th button on your mouse if it has such.

Console/Cheats/Configs Item IDS: Iron Great Sword ::: SwordIronGreat Silver Great Sword ::: SwordSilverGreat Great Core Mace ::: MaceCoreGreat Great Core Mace (Green) ::: MaceCoreGreatGreen Great Silver Mace ::: MaceSilverGreat Grasp of Undying ::: MaceGraspUndying Black Metal Great Sword ::: SwordBlackMetalGreat Black Metal Great Sword Foreign ::: SwordIronGreatBlack Moder's Sorrow ::: SwordObsidianGreat Flametal Great Sword ::: SwordFlametalGreat Heavy Iron Great Sword ::: SwordFlametalGreatIron Silver Battleaxe ::: AxeSilverBattle Black Metal Battleaxe ::: AxeBlackMetalBattle Dragon Slayer ::: SwordDragonSlayer Body of the Devoted ::: SwordBoneGreat Buck and Doe ::: FistBuckAndDoe Bronze Knuckles ::: FistBronze Iron Knuckles ::: FistIron

ChangeLog: V 4.2.2 => V5.0.0 -Renamed Mod and .DLL to "ValheimHTDArmory" -Added a Black Metal Great Sword variant that looks like old one (wavy flamburge sword) -Added 3 Fist weapons (2 are the same model, different color Bronze and Iron. 1 is unique starting fist weapon with special properties) -Added Great Bone Sword, special ability of a constant but weak hp regen, is indestructible -Grasp of Undying has regeneration and indestructible, until I can give it a proper unique effect -Added more values to edit in the itemData config.

V 4.2.1 => V 4.2.2: -Fixed a Newline Break in the Great Core Mace Green Description of the Localization File (line 19), so the embedded file shouldn't break the mod anymore. If your .tsv is still breaking the game, look for any line breaks and remove them and save the file.

V 4.2.0 => V 4.2.1: -Fixed Bug where if your Language didn't have a translation, there would be no name or description for weapons. Defaults to English if that's the case. -Updated Embedded Localization file with Russian Translation from the Google Sheet

  • _localization.cfg will be automatically converted to .tsv (no local changes you have made will be lost, this is a safe conversion so you can just download the Google Sheet as a .tsv and overwrite yourself if there are any updates there)

V 4.1.0 => V 4.2.0: -Added Localization Support (_Localization) found in the config location, does not Sync to clients.

V 4.0.0 => V 4.1.0: -Configs will sync to users when joining a server (_ItemData, _RecipeData) Thanks to Blaxxun -Silver Great Sword has slimmed down and texture enhanced -Iron Great Sword has slimmed down and texture enhanced

V 3.0.2 => V 4.0.0: -(The Bad) Item Losses: --Great Frost Mace will be lost --Great Toxic Mace will be a Green Version of the Great Core Mace --Black Metal Great Sword will be lost -(The Good): --New Weapon and Recipe Configs (recommended to delete all htd.moretwohanders.cfgs before starting for a fresh generation) --Iron Great Sword added (looks like old Black Metal Sword) --Dragon Slayer from Berserk added --Iron Version of the Flametal Sword added -(The Ugly) --Black Metal Great Axe texture cleaned up. --Black Metal Great Sword has a new look. --Flametal Sword model and texture updated.

V 3.0.1 => V 3.0.2: -Fixed issue of the weapons being indestructible. They will function like all weapons do now, using durability.

V 3.0 => V 3.0.1: -Possibly Fixed Visual errors with Vulkan Mode, Those that like or have to run with Vulkan rejoice(maybe) -Fixed Critcal Issue with Great Maces, Secondary and Third Attacks were missing the setting to hit more than one enemy. Which resulted in either hitting the ground and doing nothing, or just one target (which makes no sense for AoE like attacks)

V 2.0 => V 3.0: -Added Silver Battleaxe -Added Black Metal Battleaxe -Updated All weapon textures -Parry Multipiers on Two Handers are now 3.5 from 4 -Validated that Silver and Black Metal Sword is -10% mov speed, axes are -15%, and heavier ones are -20% -Adjusted Damage numbers with some more math -Implemented Hotkey, and Function for doing a 3rd attack for all 9 weapons.


Available versions

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