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5hows DPS, stamina usage and other statistics. Accurate and configurable. Also includes an experience meter.

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1501



5hows DPS, stamina usage and other statistics. Accurate and configurable. Also includes an experience meter.

Manual Installation

  1. Install the BepInExPack Valheim.
  2. Download the latest zip
  3. Extract it in the <GameDirectory>\BepInEx\plugins\ folder.
  4. Optionally also install the Configuration manager.


Use "/bind KEY COMMAND" to quickly toggle features on and off. For example "/bind KeyPad1 dps".

Available commands:

  • dps: Enables, resets or disables the DPS meter.
  • exp: Enables, resets or disables the experience meter.
  • dummy_reset PARAMETERS: Kills all training dummies and spawns a new one. Requires admin status on servers.
  • dummy_spawn PARAMETERS: Spawns a training dummy. Use if you need multiple dummies. Requires admin status on servers.
  • dummy_kill: Kills all training dummies. Use for a final clean up. Requires admin status on servers.


Damage resistances and status effects of the training dummies can be configured. By default, dummies have no status effects and are neutral to all damage (except chop and pickaxe which they ignore).

Format for resistances is "damagetype=amount". If amount is omitted, neutral resistance is used.

Available damage types are *, blunt, chop, fire, frost, lightning, pickaxe, pierce, poison, slash and spirit.

Available amounts are ignore, immune, very resistant, resistant, normal, weak and very weak. Numeric values also work: -, 0, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2.

Format for status effects is "effect=seconds". If seconds is omitted, default duration is used.

Available status effects are barleywine, bonemass, cold, corpserun, eikthyr, elder, freezing, frostresist, moder, poisonresist, shield, tared, wet and yagluth.

For example "dummy_toggle *=- chop wet" would spawn a wet dummy that is only vulnerable to chop damage (like trees).


After first start up, the config file can be found in the <GameDirectory>\BepInEx\config\ folder.

Configuration can be used modify how the game works to make testing easier. For servers, admin status is required.

Configuration is only active when either DPS or experience meter is displayed.

  • Override skill levels: Overrides all skill checks to use a given skill level.
  • Min/max damage range for players: Overrides the random damage range for player attacks.
  • Min/max damage range for creatures: Overrides the random damage range for creature attacks.
  • Maximum attack chain levels: Caps the maximum attack chain.
  • No stamina usage: When enabled, removes all stamina costs.

For example for a controlled setup: remove stamina usage, override skill levels to 100 and set damage range to 0.


DPS meter automatically starts tracking when you start attacking. The tracking automatically pauses until another attack is performed. For new tests, use the dps command to reset the meter.

  • Time shows the total tracked time and amount of hits.
  • DPS shows the damage per second, total amount of damage and damage per used stamina.
  • Stamina shows used stamina per second and total amount of used stamina.
  • Total stamina shows all used damage, including usage from non-attacks. Only displayed if different from above.
  • Staggering shows caused staggering per second and also the total amount.
  • Attack speed shows hits per second and also average time per hit.
  • Damage taken shows damage taken per second and the total amount. Only displayed if taken any damage.
  • Structure DPS shows damage caused to structures and destructibles. Only displayed if any damage done.

Experience meter automatically starts tracking new skills when gaining experience. The tracking automatically pauses until more experience is gained.

  • Experience gain shows multiplier to all experience gain.
  • Shows skill level and progress towards the next level for all tracked skills.
  • Shows experience per second and total amount of gained experience for all skills.

Note: Skill level can be a decimal number. This is a bug in the game and not an issue with the mod.


  • v1.0.0:
    • Initial release

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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