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Infinity Hammer

Bend the rules of building! Copy any object, make structures indestructible, remove all restrictions, destroy anything and more... Compatible with unmodded clients.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1700


Infinity Hammer

Bend the rules of building! Copy any object, make structures indestructible, remove all restrictions, destroy anything and more...

Client-side mod that is compatible with unmodded clients.


  • Build anything. Trees, rocks, creatures... All can be placed with the hammer.
  • Copy anything. Armor stands, chests and item stands with their contents. Even boss altars!
  • Make structures indestructible, even the gravity can't bring them down.
  • Remove anything. Something unremovable messing up your grand design? No more!
  • Build without restrictions. Dungeons and even the start temple become valid for building.
  • QoL improvements: Extended range, no resouce costs, no item drops, no visual effects and more!
  • Tame anything. Powerful creatures, or even bosses can become your protectors. Or just pit them against each other!

Manual Installation:

  1. Install the BepInExPack Valheim.
  2. Download the latest zip.
  3. Extract it in the <GameDirectory>\BepInEx\plugins\ folder.
  4. Recommended to also install Gizmo Reloaded for better rotating.
  5. Optionally also install the Configuration manager to configure the hammer more easily.
  6. For servers, install Dedicated server devcommands to use it as an admin.


  • hammer: Selects the hovered object.
  • hammer [item id]: Selects an object by id (Item IDs).
  • hammer_undo: Reverts building or destroying.
  • hammer_redo: Restores reverted actions.
  • hammer_scale [value=1]: Sets the object scale (if supported). Number or x,y,z.
  • hammer_scale_up: Scales up the object (if supported).
  • hammer_scale_down: Scales down the object (if supported).
  • hammer_config [key] [value]: Toggles or sets configuration values.

Note: Some interactions are quite complicated so please report any issues!

Bind commands to keys.

For example:

  • bind KeyPad0 hammer (Mouse4 or Mouse5 also work nicely)
  • bind KeyPad1 hammer_scale_down
  • bind KeyPad2 hammer_scale (resets scaling)
  • bind KeyPad3 hammer_scale_up
  • bind KeyPad7 hammer_undo
  • bind KeyPad8 hammer_config enabled (toggles all features on/off)
  • bind KeyPad9 hammer_redo


Following powers are available:

  • All objects: Hammer can select and place any object. Any placed object can be removed with the hammer until the area is reloaded.
  • Allow in dungeons: Building is allowed in dungeons.
  • Copy rotation: Copies rotation of the selected object.
  • Build range: Range for building (capped at about 50 meters).
  • Copy state: Object state is copied (for example chest contents or item stand items).
  • Disable loot: Creatures and structures won't drop loot when destroyed with the hammer.
  • Ignore no build: "Mystical power" no longer prevents building.
  • Ignore other restrictions: Removes any other restrictions (for example campfires can be built on wood floors).
  • Ignore wards: Wards no longer prevent building.
  • Max undo steps: How many undo actions are stored.
  • No build cost: Removes resource cost and crafting station requirement.
  • No creator: Builds without setting the creator information. Disabled by default.
  • No durability loss: Hammer auto-repairs used durability.
  • No stamina cost: Hammer auto-regens used stamina.
  • Overwrite health: Sets the health of built or repaired objects (0 reverts to the default max health, except for creatures).
  • Remove anything: Allows removing any object. Disabled by default.
  • Remove effects: Removes visual effects of building, repairing and destroying.
  • Remove range: Range for removing (capped at about 50 meters).
  • Repair anything: Allows healing or repairing any object. Disabled by default.
  • Repair range: Range for repairing (capped at about 50 meters).
  • Repair taming: Repairing full health creatures will tame/untame them (works for all creatures).
  • Scaling step: How much the object is scaled up/down.
  • Select range: Range for selecting (capped at about 50 meters).

On servers, above features are disabled without cheat access (except Copy rotate, Remove effects and Select range).


Hammer configuration applies to all building, including the standard structures selected from the build menu.

When selecting an existing object, its size and rotation is copied to the placement tool. If "Copy rotation" is disabled then the selection tool keeps the last rotation. The last rotation is always used when using the build window.

Object scaling only works for some objects (mostly trees and rocks). This is restricted by the base game (scaling is not stored in the save file).

If "Overwrite health" is enabled, objects have a specified health (including creatures). For minerocks, the health is applied to the individual parts (the outer shell stays at 1 health). Repairing can be used to modify the shell health if needed.

Setting a very high health (like "1E30") can be used to make object indestructible because the damage taken is rounded down to zero. This also prevents structures collapsing from lack of support.

"Copy state" only applies when selecting existing objects since structures from the build menu are stateless. However the creator ID is always set based on the "No creator" setting, even for non-standard structures.

"No creator" is currently quite pointless since most structures ignore the value and will get targeted by the enemies regardless of the value. But maybe someone can find some use for it.

Locations (Points of Interest) can also be copied. However only static parts are included in the actual location. For example in the start temple, each boss stone is a separate object and can be copied separately if needed.


By default, only change is that the UI shows how much damage was repaired.

If "Repair anything" is enabled, most destructible objects can be repaired or healed. This includes creatures and players.

For minerocks, if the targeted part is already at full health, a random part is restored instead. This is not very practical but can be used to restore any accidental changes to minerocks.

If "Overwrite health" is enabled, the object is repaired or damaged to the specified health value.

For creatures, the maximum health value is also set. So they will keep their max health even when disabling "Overwrite health". Other objects will revert to the original max health when repaired.


By default, destroying only works for standard structures and placed objects. Placed objects can only be removed temporarily since the required information is lost when the area is reloaded.

If "Destroy anything" is enabled, all objects can be removed. Removing non-standard objects will instantly destroy them without triggering any effects like drops.

IF "Disable loot" is enabled, destroying creatures or structures won't drop loot.


  • v1.3:

    • Fixed health not being copied for creatures (got overwritten by stars).
  • v1.2:

    • Added object names to the build overlay.
    • Added setting to disable build, repair and destroy effects.
    • Added setting to tame/untame creatures with repair.
    • Added setting to disable creature and structure loot when destroyed with the hammer.
    • Fixed creature stars not getting copied.
    • Fixed error when copying creatures.
    • Fixed "creator" data being added to non-piece objects.
    • Fixed structures having a higher destroy priority even with "Destroy anything" enabled.
    • Fixed "Overwrite health" not working when selecting a piece from the build menu.
  • v1.1:

    • Size is no longer shown for objects that don't support changing it.
    • Messages now have a high priority (fixes scaling messages lagging behind).
    • Creator is now properly set for copied objects (unless "No Creator" is on).
    • Auto rotate setting renamed to Copy rotation.
    • Added new setting to overwrite the health of built and repaired objects (including creatures).
    • Added no stamina and durability cost to also affect repairing.
    • Added new setting to change repair range.
    • Added new setting to repair anything (including creatures).
    • Added support for non-uniform scaling with hammer_scale command.
    • Fixed selection keeping the hover color when selecting a structure.
    • Fixed selection being removed when the selected objects is destroyed.
  • v1.0:

    • Initial release

Thanks for Azumatt for creating the mod icon!

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2022-1-5 1.1.0 351 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-1-4 1.0.0 118 Version 1.0.0 Install