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A Valheim dedicated server mod to host a web accessible map.

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Valheim WebMap

This server side mod creates a web based map that shows live players and allows shared exploration. After port forwarding the correct port, you can share http://your_ip:port to anyone else and they can see the map too. Clients do not need to have any mods installed!

For players to show up on the map, they must set visible to other players in the in-game map screen.

This has only been tested on a Valheim dedicated server. I'm not sure this will work with the built in server inclued with the base game.


  • A explorable map of your Valheim world in your browser that you can zoom with the mousewheel or pinch zoom on mobile.
  • Players can place their own pins with chat commands (see below for more info)
  • Map pings from in game players will show up on the web map as well.
  • Connected players list.
  • Auto follow player feature.


Place the WebMap directory in:

Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim dedicated server\BepInEx\plugins\WebMap

Optionally, open WebMap/config.json with a text editor and change stuff in there.


If you are updating, one additional thing you and anyone else using the web map might need to do is clear your browser cache.

You may also be able to hold down the shift key and click the reload button in your browser.

Chat Commands

This mod supports placing pins with chat commands. Press Enter to start chatting in game. The commands are as follows:

  • /pin - Place a "dot" pin with no text on the map where you are currently standing.
  • /pin my pin name - Place a "dot" pin with "my pin name" under it on the map where you are currently standing.
  • /pin [pin-type] [text] - Place a pin of a certain type with optional text under it on the map where you are currently standing.
    • Pin types are: dot, fire, mine, house and cave. Example command: /pin house my awesome base
  • /undoPin - Delete your most recent pin.
  • /deletePin [text] - Delete the most recent pin that matches the text exactly.

If a player creates too many pins, their oldest pin will be removed. There is a setting to control how many pins a player can create in config.json.


To get your environment working, you will need to find and place these .dll files in the WebMap/libs directory. These dlls are usually found in:

Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim dedicated server\valheim_server_Data\Managed

  • assembly_valheim.dll
  • UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll
  • UnityEngine.dll
  • UnityEngine.ImageConversionModule.dll (This one might be harder to find. Try googling.)
  • UnityEngine.UI.dll

To get the fontend part building, you'll need node installed. After, just do npm install to install webpack. Then you can run npm run build to build main.js which should be included with the other web resources in WebMap/web.

I wanted to get this working as soon as possible, so apollogies for messy code.


When applicable, assume stuff is under the MIT licence ( ) I am not liable for any damages and there is no warranty etc...