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Plan the construction of objects for free. Anyone can add resources and finish the construction. Includes wearable item to see planned construction without shader effect for planning.

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Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.1.1


# PlanBuild - Blueprint Edition

PlanBuild enables you to plan, copy and share your building creations in Valheim with ease. Introducing a new item, the Blueprint Rune, which can be crafted from a single stone and festering willpower given to you by the gods. The rune comes with two modes you can switch between by pressing P while having the rune equipped (can be adjusted via config file).

Planning mode

Plan mode

Plan the construction of pieces without the need to gather the resources first. Anyone can add the required resources to the planned structure later and finish the construction after it was placed.

The Blueprint Rune is compatible with custom piece tables from other mods. All custom pieces will be incorporated into the runes table for the planned pieces. You still need a Hammer and the required crafting station to finish the construction.

Planned pieces that are unsupported can not be finished. These pieces are also slightly more transparent so you can see what is and isn't supported. The planned pieces themselves do not require support, so you can build forever (if you can reach far enough).

Real pieces also snap to the planned pieces, so you could even use them as spacers or rulers.


Plan Totem

Build a PlanTotem near your planned structures to be able to add resources in a centralized location for all individual pieces on the plan.

This needs to be built with the vanilla Hammer tool and costs you 5 Fine Wood, 5 Grey Dwarf Eye and 1 Surtling Core.

Skuld Crystal

Skuld Crystal

Includes the Skuld Crystal, a wearable item that removes the shader effect from the blueprints, so you can see what the construction will look like when completed.

Create it by combining a Ruby and a Grey Dwarf Eye.

Watch your step! The pieces are still not really there, and will not support you!

Blueprint mode

Blueprint mode

Copy existing structures into Blueprints and rebuild them as planned or regular pieces all at once. The blueprints are saved in and loaded from the filesystem as .blueprint files. Also supports .vbuild files (you can load and build your BuildShare saves with this mod)! After switching to the blueprint mode, the piece table of the Blueprint Rune offers two different categories:


Blueprint tools

The Blueprint Rune comes with a handful of tools to aid handling blueprint creation and building. Here is a handy list:

  • Create new blueprint: Create a blueprint of a construction. Planned pieces are captured as real pieces.
  • Press Ctrl to see what pieces are currently selected.
  • Use the Scroll Wheel to change the capture radius.
  • Use Shift + Scroll to adjust the camera distance.

  • Snap point marker: Add snap point markers to all points you want to have as snap points in your blueprint. The rotation of the markers does not matter, only the center point. We highly suggest that you also use Snap points made easy so you can cycle through the snap points when placing the blueprint.

  • Center point marker: Add a center point marker to your blueprint to determine the center of the blueprint. This is where it will be anchored while placing it. If a blueprint does not have a center point marker, a bottom corner of the blueprint is found and used as the center.

  • Remove planned pieces: Delete planned pieces again. Per default only the hovered piece will be deleted. But you can use various modifiers to change that behaviour.

  • Press Alt to delete all plans that are associated with a placed blueprint. Plans that are already finished will not be removed. Resources that were already added to the unfinished plans will be refunded.
  • Press Ctrl to delete plans in a radius, can be used to clean up after using it to measure distances, or as a general cleanup tool. Resources that were already added to the unfinished plans will be refunded.
  • Use the Scroll Wheel while holding Ctrl to change the deletion radius.
  • Use Shift + Scroll to adjust the camera distance.


Blueprint tools

Place a blueprint as planned pieces. Select your previously saved blueprint and place it anywhere in the world. This works just like any other vanilla building piece. Additionally there are some extra controls to make placing your structures exactly as you want them as easy as possible:

  • Use Scroll to rotate the blueprint.
  • Use Ctrl + Scroll to move the blueprint on the Z-axis.
  • Use Alt + Scroll to move the blueprint on the X-axis.
  • Use Ctrl + Alt + Scroll to move the blueprint on the Y-axis.
  • Use Shift + Scroll to adjust the camera distance.
  • You can automatically flatten the terrain to the lowest Y of the blueprint. Hold Shift while placing for that.
  • There is a (server enforced) config option to allow placing the blueprints as regular pieces, so you can configure per server if you want to allow "cheating" structures without resources. When enabled, build your structures without building costs by pressing Ctrl while placing the blueprint.

Blueprint Marketplace

Blueprint mode

Manage and share your blueprints through a custom GUI added to the game. Rename your local blueprints and add a description to them. If a server has this feature enabled, upload your local blueprints to that server so others can download and build your creations as well. Players with admin rights on a server can also manage the server side list through that interface.

Marketplace Pieces

Blueprint pieces

Per default the marketplace is accessible via End key (server side configurable). Alternatively you can place one of two new rune themed pieces in the world which provide access to the market on the server. If you want to completely stop clients from accessing the server blueprints via Hotkey, there is another server side config which disables that Hotkey for all clients.


Fully compatible with: * Build Camera * Craft from Containers * ValheimRAFT

The Hammer's PieceTable is scanned automatically, mods that add Pieces should be compatible. If you find a mod that adds pieces to the Hammer and they don't show up, try toggling the Blueprint Rune with P which will trigger a rescan. If it still doesn't work, please post a bug report with a link to the mod.


Use Vortex to install, or if you want to install it manually, drop the "PlanBuild" folder into BepInEx\plugins (so you end up with BepInEx\plugins\PlanBuild). Make sure to include all files, not just the DLL!

This mod adds interactable objects, so all clients & server will need this mod!

Most values are configurable: * General
* Show all plans, even for pieces you don't know yet (default false)
* Build radius of the Plan Totem (default 30) * Blueprint Market
* Allow clients to use the Hotkey to access the marketplace (default true)
* Hotkey for the Blueprint Marketplace GUI (default End)
* Allow sharing of blueprints on this server (default false) * Blueprint Rune
* Hotkey to switch between Blueprint Rune modes (default P)
* Allow building of blueprints as actual pieces without needing the resources (default false)
* Allow flattening the terrain when placing blueprints (default false)
* Place distance of the Blueprint Rune (default 50)
* Invert and sensitivity options for each input with the scroll wheel * Directories
* Blueprint search directory (default . (current working directory, usually Valheim game install directory))
* Blueprint save directory (default BepInEx/config/PlanBuild/blueprints) * Visual
* Apply plan shader to ghost placement (currently placing piece) (default false)
* Color of unsupported plan pieces (default 10% white)
* Color of supported plan pieces (default 50% white)
* Additional transparency for finer control (default 30%)

Source available on GitHub: All contributions welcome!

You can also find us at the Valheim Modding Discord or the Jötunn Discord.


The original PlanBuild mod was created by MarcoPogo

Blueprint functionality originally created and merged by Algorithman & Jules

Blueprint Marketplace GUI created by Dreous

All further coding by MarcoPogo & Jules

Made with Löve and Jötunn

Available versions

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2021-5-26 0.2.1 18 Version 0.2.1 Install
2021-5-23 0.1.8 462 Version 0.1.8 Install
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