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Autosort items into nearby chests.

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Autosort items into nearby chests. The mod checks if there are already items of a certain kind in a chest and automatically transfers items from player inventory to the corresponding containers. Config options: Range of containers

  • Only sort if containers have only the target item type
  • Hotkey
  • Itemlist
  1. Mai 2022 Fixed a bug which prevented sorting multiple items at once

  2. April 2022 Fixed a dupe bug Code rework

  3. April 2022 (Minor changes for compatibility with Mulit User Chest) Reverted for the moment... -> 1.0.5

  4. April 2022 Added an option that allows to only sort one item per click

  5. April 2022 Added a fix for a bug that newly placed containers didn't work

This ist the first version of my autosort mod. It checks the nearby chests if they already contains a certain item and automatically puts items from the players inventory to the chests. The mod contains a list of items that will automatically be sorted. This list can easily be adapted in the config file. Use the internal ID's from the wiki for this purpose. By default items will only be put in containers where only the same items are in the container. Default key is 'o'. Default range is 10.

Long story short. Give it a try!

Available versions

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2022-11-6 1.0.7 745 Version 1.0.7 Install