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Reely SpecTackleLure

Craftable fishing gear, fishing tweaks, and deep-sea fishing danger

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


Reely SpecTackleLure

Craftable fishing gear, fishing tweaks, and ... deep sea danger?

  • NEW Configurable chance to allow basic bait to hook biome specific fish.
  • NEW Skin fish in the field to create Raw Fish without a Cauldron! Ever wonder why you needed a Cauldron to skin a fish? Now you can process raw fish via the non-station crafting menu (and save inventory space when catching multiple fish types and sizes)
  • Craft and upgrade your fishing rod. Upgraded fishing rods add to your fishing skills. See Notes
  • Craftable basic bait
  • Adjustable float size to make it larger and more visible in the water
  • Remove fish spawn restrictions near player bases and objects such as crafting stations and fires.

And a word of caution when deep-sea fishing ... the ocean can be a dangerous place. Be careful what you fish for!


  • 0.2.3: Updated for Hildir's Request
  • 0.2.3: Added configuration to allow basic bait a chance to hook biome specific fish
  • 0.2.3: Added configuration to skin fish "in the field" and create Raw Fish without a Cauldron



  • UseRodBonus: Allows upgraded fishing rods to add to the fishing skill. Default is true. See Notes
  • NoBaseRestrictedSpawn: Removes the restriction from fish spawning due to proximity to player created objects such as crafting stations and fires. See note below
  • EnableSerpentSpawn: Set to true to enable serpent spawns while fishing in the ocean. Default is true.
  • EnableLeviathanSpawn: Set to true to enable leviathan spawns while fishing in the ocean. Default is true.
  • EnableCraftableTackle: Set to true to enable craftable fishing rods and bait. Default is true.
  • RegularBaitHookChance: Provides a percent chance for basic fishing bait to hook any fish regardless of bait preference. Default is 0. 100 would provide the same chance as the biome-specific bait.
  • SkinFishInField: Set True to allow skinning and cleaning fish in the field without a cauldron. Appears in the non-station crafting menu.
  • FloatSize: The size of the float. Increase to make the float larger and more visible in the water. Valheim default size is 1. Can be set from 1 to 3


  • LogLevel: Controls the level of information in the log

In-game reconfiguration

You can use Configuration Manager (or similar) mod to change the configuration without exiting the game, and force Reely SpecTackleLure to update its configuration from the chat window (press Enter) then type:

/rstl config 


  • All config settings are server authoritative except those in bold italics
  • Fishing skill and fish locator have been deprecated.
  • Upgraded rods add to your hook chance and other fishing attributes. Note the the rod bonus does not increase your skill, but rather is added while fishing with that rod.
  • With every advantage there's a cost; your fishing rod has wear and tear and needs to be repaired occasionally.
  • There are number of factors that restrict spawning other than proximity to player created objects. Fish spawning at a particular location is not guaranteed, even if NoBaseRestrictedSpawn set to true.
  • Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Please feel free to post or send a note on NexusMods.

Compatibility issues & defects

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    • Your version of this mod
    • What you were doing, or attempting to do when it happened
    • If it's repeatable - i.e., can you duplicate it?
    • The exact behavior you observed (or didn't observe)
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