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TargetPractice Valheim

By MagikarppSushii021194; Adds a training dummy and a range of archery targets to the build menu. It's v 1.0.1 but had an upload issue so had to re-up with a different version_number.

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Dependency string Norheim-TargetPractice_Valheim-1.0.2
Dependants 2 other mods depend on this mod


Adds a Training Dummy and a range of archery targets to the build menu.

there is 4 new archery targets as well as a training dummy.


Place the "TargetPractice.DLL" file into your BepInEx/plugins/ folder.

Dependencies: There are two dependencies for this mod. BepInEx JotunnLib


You are more than welcome to share this mod via re uploading, modpacks etc without asking me first. All i ask is if you use this mod at all for any reason that you do not take credit for the work.




Find me on the Valheim mods discord: Magikarpsushi

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Available versions

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2021-8-24 1.0.2 791 Version 1.0.2 Install
2021-8-24 1.0.1 31 Version 1.0.1 Install