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A custom piece mod by the OdinPlus team, this mod adds several castle construction pieces with a custom build tool.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2100 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


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The Parchment Tool can be crafted at your workbench or spawned with using the prefab name: GB_Parchment_Tool

For crafting recipes please check your config file.

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Install Notes:

Mod is required on both server and client for config sync to work.

Manual Install:

Please download the latest copy of Bepinex per author's instructions.

Place the DLL's Folder inside of the "Bepinex\plugins" folder.

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For Questions or Comments find Gravebear or RageHatred in the Odin Plus Team on Discord:


#Version 1.0.0 - Release the Kraken!

#Version 1.0.1 - Fixed collider on small chest, added Red Jute Bed, corrected DeerHide spelling

#Version 1.0.2 - Added localization, translation files can now be added, added black cloth bed.

#Version 1.0.3 - fixed locatization and description on pieces.

#Version 1.0.4 - Corrected some audio effects for build/destroying pieces, fixed error with using Custom Audio to change door sounds.

#Version 1.0.5 - Improved large chest texture. Added Round Walls for towers, flooring for towers, and 1x1 stone wall

#Version 1.0.6 - Added 1x1 wood ceiling tile to fill in my gaps with other wood ceiling tiles -sorry... will work on them. fixed rounded ceiling tile collider

#Version 1.0.7 - Fixed Gate collider for iron fence.

#Version 1.0.8 - corrected 1x1 wood floor localization string. added hanging candles, wooden cup and plate, and odinplus banner. fixed a few other things people reported to me, thank you!

#Version 1.0.9 - It was requested that I change the floor texture to match the rest of the "stone trim colors", added 1x1 and 4x4 stone floor, added tin brazier and standing torch.

#Version 1.0.10 - Added 1x1 stone pillar, added large solid wood floor, added OdinPlus Stained Glass pieces

#Version 1.0.11 - corrected solid wood tiles W&T, corrected 4x4 wood tile sound fx, added skeleton pole

#Version 1.0.12 - Added castle roofs

#Version 1.0.13 - Corrected crafting cost of roofs, may need to reset config.

#Version 1.0.14 - Reported that fire visuals were off, that pieces had a different shader applied - set all shaders to standard, confirmed fire visuals are working, added a couple halfwall style pieces.

#Version 1.0.15 - Corrected where crafting reverted to old recipe of roofs.

#Version 1.0.16 - Fixed issue with using Better Creative and OdinsKingdom that caused graphic glitch. Thanks Tower for the extra testing and bug finding. Added a few more pieces and corrected crafting recipes.

#Version 1.0.17 - One last correction for the day, fixed mesh that was all squished on the new halfwall archway.

#Version 1.0.18 - Added Castle Round Stairs, Small Wooden Ladder, and Old Wooden Cupboard. If you're happy and you know it click that Coffee link! Thank you so much everyone!

#Version 1.0.19 - Added Castle Drawbridge.

#Version 1.1.1 - Added more Castle railings. Corrected rounded stone floor audio fx.

#Version 1.1.2 - Fireplace now works much like a Fire Pit, adds comfort and will consume wood. Fixed Tower Door to only open out. Added 2 more doors, a trapdoor hatch, and some beam deco pieces.

#Version 1.1.3 - Corrected glass door's scale to match the old wood door. Added Deco Pieces of castle debree/ruined pieces.

#Version 1.1.4 - Corrected audio for rock pile, added Roundwall Corbel, 2 wall corbels, and more.

#Version 1.1.5 WARNING - Round walls have been scaled to try and better size them with round floors, I dont know what effects this may have on already placed walls. Added half-roof 26 and half-roof 45, added tapestrys.

#Version 1.1.6 I want to thank all of you who donated, to show my thanks I added a black marble fireplace Kit that you can place your Fire_Pit in, added Chimney pieces as well as Pointed Roof. Thanks to your support I was able to replace my GPU that was on it's last legs.

#Version 1.1.7 Corrected crafting recipe for the Marble Fireplace Frame, added small Wall Deco piece.

#Version 1.1.8 Adjusted Round Tower Roof snaps and scale - will be working on that more. Fixed fireplace kit colliders and piece settings to allow placement of the firepit. Added Wood Beams to the "Furniture" tab as I have run out of room on the default piece tables. Fixed W&T on small stone pole. Added missing LOD to deco pieces. Adjusted attach points to small wall orn

#Version 1.1.9 Added Round floor base for towers, working on piece still. Added a throne, more chairs and a stool. Moved "Railings" to the Misc Catagory to make more room in Building. This change may not effect some players unless resetting a config.

#Version 1.1.10 Tried to fix the round floor base for towers after it was reported snaps were offset. Added old iron kettle. A warning about the Drawbridge, carefull when placing, stand out of range of the door or it may launch you, I wasnt able to fix this.

#Version 1.1.11 Fixed Kettle Description, added stone floor deco pieces.

#Version 1.1.12 Added a couple single candles, an optimized low-particle/effects light source without audio loops.

#Version 1.1.13 Corrected Stone and Wood 26 railing recipies.

#Version 1.1.14 Added Wood Rope Fence and cobwebs deco, updated assemblies and bepinex for latest valheim build.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2023-3-17 1.1.14 1982 Version 1.1.14 Install
2023-3-5 1.1.13 2463 Version 1.1.13 Install
2023-3-3 1.1.12 870 Version 1.1.12 Install
2023-2-28 1.1.11 1040 Version 1.1.11 Install
2023-2-27 1.1.10 645 Version 1.1.10 Install
2023-2-26 1.1.9 513 Version 1.1.9 Install
2023-2-25 1.1.8 705 Version 1.1.8 Install
2023-2-24 1.1.7 594 Version 1.1.7 Install
2023-2-24 1.1.6 176 Version 1.1.6 Install
2023-2-23 1.1.5 711 Version 1.1.5 Install
2023-2-22 1.1.4 662 Version 1.1.4 Install
2023-2-21 1.1.3 645 Version 1.1.3 Install
2023-2-21 1.1.2 396 Version 1.1.2 Install
2023-2-20 1.1.1 444 Version 1.1.1 Install
2023-2-19 1.0.19 352 Version 1.0.19 Install
2023-2-19 1.0.18 373 Version 1.0.18 Install
2023-2-18 1.0.17 434 Version 1.0.17 Install
2023-2-18 1.0.16 67 Version 1.0.16 Install
2023-2-18 1.0.15 195 Version 1.0.15 Install
2023-2-18 1.0.14 9 Version 1.0.14 Install
2023-2-18 1.0.13 421 Version 1.0.13 Install
2023-2-18 1.0.12 47 Version 1.0.12 Install
2023-2-12 1.0.11 969 Version 1.0.11 Install
2023-2-12 1.0.10 323 Version 1.0.10 Install
2023-2-11 1.0.9 437 Version 1.0.9 Install
2023-2-11 1.0.8 225 Version 1.0.8 Install
2023-2-10 1.0.7 206 Version 1.0.7 Install
2023-2-10 1.0.6 89 Version 1.0.6 Install
2023-2-10 1.0.5 95 Version 1.0.5 Install
2023-2-9 1.0.4 304 Version 1.0.4 Install
2023-2-9 1.0.3 168 Version 1.0.3 Install
2023-2-8 1.0.2 67 Version 1.0.2 Install
2023-2-8 1.0.1 143 Version 1.0.1 Install
2023-2-8 1.0.0 34 Version 1.0.0 Install