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Crafting stations now have a built in storage containers and can build from it.

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Version 1.0.2
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Stations Are Containers v1.0.1

by RandyKnapp

Source: Github Discord: RandyKnapp's Mod Community Patreon: Randy's Patreon

Crafting stations now have a built in storage container and can build from it.

Uses ServerSync.

Compatible with:

  • Auga
  • ImprovedBuildHud
  • QuickStack


  • Ability to turn off built-in container on a per-station basis
  • Ability to configure the size of the container's inventory on a per-station basis


  • Nexus: Drop the StationsAreContainers.dll right into your BepInEx/plugins folder
  • ThunderStore: Use r2modman to install, or manually drop the dll into your BepInEx/plugins folder



  • Updated for Mistlands crafting stations
  • Allows for modded crafting stations (automatically creates a 3x6 container for modded stations, once you have placed the station, it will appear with its own section in the config file)
  • Some minor bugfixes 1.0.1
  • Minor changes to be more compatible with EpicLoot