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Mod create by aedenthorn. Ported from Nexus. Allows you to swap music, ambient sounds, and sound effects with your own audio files.

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This mod lets you replace pretty much any sound in the game with audio files by placing them in the folder BepInEx/plugins/CustomAudio.

The mod should support wav, mp3, and ogg files.

It has a config variable for adjusting music volume beyond the 60% cap the game seems to impose.

When you start the game with this mod, it will create the following folders in your main Valheim folder:

BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\Ambient BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\Music BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\SFX

If you place a wav file in any of these folders with the right file name (see below), it will replace that specific audio clip with your file.

If you place a list of clips in a folder with the right folder name (file names don't matter), it will replace the entire list of clips with your list.

Clips are selected from lists to be played at random, so you can get repeats of music or ambient sounds.

Here's an example of replacing an entire SFX list with a different list of wav files:


Finding the Names

Sound Effects

Sound effects are too numerous to list. If you want to find a specific sound effect, you can turn on the config variable DumpInfo and look at the console when the effect is played (one exception to this is fireplace type sounds, see below).

The console will show things like:

[Info : Unity Log] CustomAudio checking SFX: sfx_footstep, clip: Player_Footstep_Wood_Walk_M_08

Here the sound effect is called sfx_footstep and the clip is called Player_Footstep_Wood_Walk_M_08

So, if you want to replace the entire list of clips, create a folder:


And fill it with whatever clips you like, names of files don't matter.

If you want to only replace this one clip, you must rename your file to the clip name:


Portal Sound

The sound an portal makes when you are close is changed by using


Fireplace Sounds

There are five types of fireplace sounds that this mod replaces. They don't work the same way as ordinary sound effects. To replace them, use the following:

BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\SFX\groundtorch.wav BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\SFX\walltorch.wav BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\SFX\fire_pit.wav BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\SFX\bonfire.wav BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\SFX\hearth.wav


Music tracks are sorted into lists based on context, but you can also replace individual tracks if you know the name (turning on the info dump should show the name when music starts).

You can either create a folder named after the list, or create a file named after the track.

So, to change the main menu music, for example, either:

  1. Create a folder named:


and fill it with one or more custom music file - file names don't matter.

  1. Create a single file named


To get a list of vanilla music lists, type customaudio music into the game console (F5). If you type this while in game, it will also display a list of possible music lists for all the environments in the game.

Environment folders will override the vanilla folders for that environment. For example, creating a Music\RainDay folder should do something like override meadows when it's raining during the day (untested).

Ambient Sounds

Wind and ocean ambient sounds are fixed and can be replaced by adding files called wind and ocean in the Ambient folder, e.g.:

BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\Ambient\wind.wav BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\Ambient\ocean.wav

Other ambient sounds are organized into biomes, and each biome has three lists, one ordinary list, one for day only, and one for night only.

You can either replace one of the three lists, or replace single clips by name.

To replace an entire list, create a subfolder in CustomAudio\Ambient named after the list (e.g. Forest, Forest_day, or Forest_night for forest ambient sounds), and fill it with one or more audio file - file names don't matter. E.g.:


To replace a single ambient clip, change the name of your audio file to the name of the clip and place it in BepInEx\plugins\CustomAudio\Ambient, e.g.:


Here is a list of ambient clips dumped to console:

Ambient list name: Forest Ambient tracks: (use Forest) track name: Wind_LeavesBlow_NoWind_Loop track name: Hit_Leaves01 track name: Hit_Leaves02 track name: Hit_Leaves03 track name: Hit_Leaves04 track name: Hit_Leaves05 track name: Amb_WindBreeze_S_01 track name: Amb_WindBreeze_S_02 track name: Amb_WindBreeze_S_03 track name: Amb_WindBreeze_S_04 track name: Amb_WindBreeze_S_05 track name: Amb_WindBreeze_S_06 Ambient day tracks: (use Forest_day) track name: Amb_Birds_ForestPark track name: 03 Chaffinch track name: 15 Rookery, Nests Of Rookery, With N track name: 16 Sedge Warbler track name: 19 Coal Tits, Two Pairs Displaying T track name: 22 Whitethroat, Song, With Willow Wa track name: 23 Lesser Whitethroat Ambient night tracks: (use Forest_night) track name: 63 Animals, Owl Ambient list name: Swamp Ambient tracks: (use Swamp) track name: GiantBeetle_Growl1 track name: GiantBeetle_Growl2 track name: Insect_Wings track name: Splash_Water_Small1 track name: Splash_Water_Small2 track name: Splash_Water_Small3 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge02 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge03 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge04 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge05 track name: Underwater_WavePassby1 track name: Underwater_WavePassby2 track name: Underwater_WavePassby3 track name: Underwater_WavePassby4 Ambient day tracks: (use Swamp_day) Ambient night tracks: (use Swamp_night) Ambient list name: SunkenCrypt Ambient tracks: (use SunkenCrypt) track name: Splash_Water_Small2 track name: Splash_Water_Small1 track name: Splash_Water_Small3 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge02 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge03 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge04 track name: Splash_WaterEmerge05 track name: Underwater_WavePassby1 track name: Underwater_WavePassby2 track name: Underwater_WavePassby3 track name: Underwater_WavePassby4 Ambient day tracks: (use SunkenCrypt_day) Ambient night tracks: (use SunkenCrypt_night) Ambient list name: Crypt Ambient tracks: (use Crypt) track name: Creak_EerieWoodCreak track name: Creak_EerieWoodCreak track name: Eerie_HauntedHouseCreak track name: Eerie_HauntingGhostFade1 track name: Eerie_HauntingGhostFade2 track name: Eerie_HauntingGhostFade3 track name: Eerie_HauntingGhostFade4 track name: Eerie_HauntingGhostFade5 track name: Rock_Crack_Deep1 track name: Rock_Crack_Deep2 track name: Rock_DebrisFall1 track name: Rock_DebrisFall2 track name: Rock_DebrisFall3 Ambient day tracks: (use Crypt_day) Ambient night tracks: (use Crypt_night)

Linked Folders

You can now link folders to use the same tracks multiple times. To do this create a txt file in a folder named after the folder with the tracks you want to use.

For example, if you want to use the SnowDay tracks for SnowNight as well, put all your tracks in Music\SnowDay and then create a file called Music\SnowNight\SnowDay.txt and SnowNight will use SnowDay's tracks.


This mod uses the script Wave Loader which is licensed under the MIT license.


A config file BepInEx/config/aedenthorn.CustomAudio.cfg is created after running the game once with this mod).

You can adjust the config values by editing this file using a text editor or in-game using the Config Manager.


To install this mod, the easiest way is to just use Vortex, the Nexus Mods mod manager. It should take care of all dependencies.

To install manually, place the dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx.

Code is at https://github.com/aedenthorn/ValheimMods.

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

Click here for a list of all my mods for Valheim.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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