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This plugin makes your pets able to follow you through portals.

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Teleport Tamed Wolves in Valheim

With this little BepInEx plugin you can easily take your pet wolves to adventures all around the world. Now nothing can stop you and your army of good boys.

To teleport a wolf set it to follow you and step through a portal.


You can configurate the maximum number of wolves that can teleport simultaneously and how far away they can be from the player to be teleported. The default number of wolves is 4 as a big crowd tends to barricade the targeted portal. The default distance is 20 units. You can also set to teleport all tamed animals in a seperate radius when sneaking through a portal. That way it is possible to teleport boars and lox.


It is not mandatory for the server to have the plugin installed. Every player who has it can teleport his tamed pets.


To install the mod you need to extract the contents of "plugins" folder into "<GameDirectory>\Bepinex\plugins". The configuration file "Toawy.TPWolves.cfg" is generated after you start the game once.



  • Added configurable detection range
  • Added ability to teleport all sorts of tamed animals when sneaking through a portal


  • Included wolf cubs and boar piggies as teleportable creatures (when sneaking enabled)

Available versions

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2021-3-11 0.2.1 46827 Version 0.2.1 Install
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