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Valheim Legends

Adds selectable hero classes to the game, each with 3 unique abilities.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.800


Adds selectable hero classes to the game, each with 3 unique abilities.
Cut through scores of enemies with a berserker's rage, stalk your prey as a swift shadow, or call down heavens fury in a storm of meteors - become a Legend! > 200.

1. Extract dll and VL_assets folder into the BepInEx Plugins folder
2. Start game to generate a cfg file in the BepInEx conig folder
3. Edit hotkey bindings and other options in the ValheimLegends.cfg file
4. To select a class in-game, you need to add one of the following items to the access panel and sacrifice it on the altar to get the character class:

Valkyrie = Flint
Ranger = Raw Meat
Berserker = Bone Fragments
Mage = Coal
Druid = Dandelion
Shaman = Greydwarf Eye

Configuration options:

  • modEnabled = this.Config.Bind<bool>("General", "Mod_Enabled", true, "Enable/Disable mod");
  • chosenClass = this.Config.Bind<string>("General", "chosenClass", "None");
  • showAbilityIcons = this.Config.Bind<bool>("General", "showAbilityIcons", true, "Displays Icons on Hud for each ability");
  • iconAlignment = this.Config.Bind<string>("General", "iconAlignment", "horizontal", "Aligns icons horizontally or vertically off the guardian power icon; options are horizontal or vertical");
  • Ability1_Hotkey = this.Config.Bind<string>("Keybinds", "Ability1_Hotkey", "Z", "Ability 1 Hotkey\nUse mouse # to bind an ability to a mouse button\nThe # represents the mouse button; mouse 0 is left click, mouse 1 right click, etc");
  • Ability1_Hotkey_Combo = this.Config.Bind<string>("Keybinds", "Ability1_Hotkey_Combo", "", "Ability 1 Combination Key - entering a value will trigger the ability only when both the Hotkey and Hotkey_Combo buttons are pressed\nAllows input from a combination of keys when a value is entered for the combo key\nIf only one key is used, leave the combo key blank\nExamples: space, Q, left shift, left ctrl, right alt, right cmd");
  • Ability2_Hotkey = this.Config.Bind<string>("Keybinds", "Ability2_Hotkey", "X", "Ability 2 Hotkey");
  • Ability2_Hotkey_Combo = this.Config.Bind<string>("Keybinds", "Ability2_Hotkey_Combo", "", "Ability 2 Combination Key");
  • Ability3_Hotkey = this.Config.Bind<string>("Keybinds", "Ability3_Hotkey", "C", "Ability 3 Hotkey");
  • Ability3_Hotkey_Combo = this.Config.Bind<string>("Keybinds", "Ability3_Hotkey_Combo", "", "Ability 3 Combination Key");
  • energyCostMultiplier = this.Config.Bind<float>("Modifiers", "energyCostMultiplier", 1f, "This value multiplied on overall ability use energy cost\nAbility modifiers are not fully implemented");
  • cooldownMultiplier = this.Config.Bind<float>("Modifiers", "cooldownMultiplier", 1f, "This value multiplied on overall cooldown time of abilities");
  • abilityDamageMultiplier = this.Config.Bind<float>("Modifiers", "abilityDamageMultiplier", 1f, "This value multiplied on overall ability power");
  • skillGainMultiplier = this.Config.Bind<float>("Modifiers", "skillGainMultiplier", 1f, "This value modifies the amount of skill experience gained after using an ability");

See for more details.

Available versions

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