Mods uploaded by VentureValheim

Venture Floating Items
Makes previously sinkable items float on water, or floating items sinkable. Configurable.
Last updated: 2 days ago
Meadingful Icons
Adds identifiers to the different mead base icons in the game. Increases the maximum stack size of mead bases, configurable.
Last updated: 2 days ago
Mining Caves
Adds two new caves to the world containing ore for mining. Adds the ability to disable terrain changes caused by tools.
Last updated: 2 days ago
No Grass
Adds back the option to select no grass in your game settings vegetation slider.
Last updated: a week ago
No Puke
Disables the puking sounds and animations. Use if you have a sensitive stomach.
Last updated: a week ago
Warm Torches
Torch items will prevent you from getting the Cold debuff.
Last updated: a week ago
Incognito Mode
Roleplaying mod that changes the Player display name if their face is hidden by certain helmet, shoulder, or utility items. Configurable.
Last updated: a week ago
Need For Speed
Detects when the player is on cleared ground (a path) and applies a speed boost multiplier. Separate configuration values for jogging and running.
Last updated: a week ago
Venture Multiplayer Tweaks
Commonly requested tweaks for servers and single player modes. Toggle the Valkyrie opening, track Hugin tutorials, customize arrival messages, hide the Haldor/Hildir/Temple map pins, PVP options, disable pings, and more!
Last updated: a week ago
Pathside Assistance
Adds additional path and cultivator options to help keep the terrain more natural in your world.
Last updated: a week ago
Venture Location Reset
Automatically reset Dungeons, Locations, and Leviathans with a customizable in-game day rate. Inspired by DungeonReset mod by Tekla.
Last updated: a week ago
Asocial Cartography
Improved multiplayer Cartography Table handling. Toggle ability to share and receive player placed map pins at the table. The table will now remember all pins shared to it.
Last updated: a week ago
World Advancement Progression
Control skill levels, trader items, and manage world and individual player keys! Lock different actions behind an enforced boss progression to control the rate at which players advance.
Last updated: a week ago
Venture Logout Tweaks
Saves and applies some status effects (such as Rested) from your last logout.
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
No Seasonal Restrictions
If you hate seasons, use this to enable all seasonal items. Yule be glad to install this mod!
Last updated: 2 months ago
Venture Debugger
Not a mod, but a de-bugger for stuff. What stuff you ask? See the readme.
Last updated: 4 months ago
Venture World Scaling
Rebalance creatures and items with a configurable auto-scaling system. Ability to add your own custom overrides.
Last updated: 5 months ago
Sea Of Noodles
Increases the spawn rate of Serpents (aka Noodles).
Last updated: 7 months ago
Deluxe Particles
Enlarges the particle effect on dropped items so you can see them better.
Last updated: 9 months ago
Remember Location
Remembers your last logout location so you can start in the same spot between different worlds.
Last updated: a year ago