Mods uploaded by VentureValheim

Need For Speed
Detects when the player is on cleared ground (a path) and applies a speed boost multiplier. Separate configuration values for jogging and running.
Last updated: 3 weeks ago
Venture Multiplayer Tweaks
Commonly requested tweaks for servers and single player modes. Toggle the Valkyrie, Hugin tutorials, arrival messages, Haldor map pin, and more!
Last updated: a month ago
No Seasonal Restrictions
If you hate seasons, use this to enable all seasonal items. Yule be glad to install this mod!
Last updated: 3 weeks ago
Venture Logout Tweaks
Apply your stamina and status effects from your last logout. Use on servers to prevent "stamina logging".
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
Venture ServerSync
ServerSync needed to run Venture mods. Credit to the creator Tykea!
Last updated: 4 months ago
World Advancement Progression
In Beta: Have more control over the world progression. Useful for multiplayer and RP servers.
Last updated: 3 weeks ago