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New belts with special powers that can be purchased from the Trader or crafted!

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Version 1.0.5
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Munnins Crest - Demister, Feather fall, -100 Fall Damage
Eirs Sash - 25 health, 25 stamina, 100 eitr regen
Hermods Girdle - +25 jump skill, -25% jump stamina usage, +15% movement speed

Server Sync enabled

Many Config Options.
Naturally craftable or purchasable for 1000 gold.

Let the community decide!

I intend on adding up to 2 more belts to this mod, please send ideas in complete form!!
belt name with lore
3-5 status effect qualities

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All of my Mods Appear to be working on newest Update, Please report any bugs

Version Control

1.0.5 - Fixed Eir's Sash to have 35 health 35 stamina 100 Eitr regen
1.0.4 - Attempted solution for Eir's Sash Eitr Bug
1.0.3 - Itemmanager update thanks to blaxxun
1.0.2 - Mistlands Update
1.0.1 - Added Munnin's Crest :)
Added Demister to Munnin's Crest
Added Portuguese translations ( thanks to Hydrio )

Known Incompatabilities
All the Bases - azumatts mod will work fine, my Eirs Sash will not give you the 35 health or stamina. But mods can be on server together

Huge THANKS to PLAUGEHEART and KURAMA for assisting directly in the creation of this mod
Thanks to Hugo the Dwarf and Hydrio for code / Portuguese translations