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Cautious Creatures

Make up to 6 creatures behave like a deer basically, and run away from you instead of fighting

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Cautious Creatures

The mod does absolutely nothing unless you edit the config, Which is very simple.
You must restart client after editing config

If you are changing a tameable monster like Boar, Lox, Wolf....They will no longer be Tameable if you use this mod for them!!!

Works with Custom creature mods!
First Set a Toggle to On, then put a Prefab/Internal ID. If you mistype your game will not load.

List of prefabs -

Server Sync Available - must add to server!
It is not Necessary on server, but if it is on the server, config will not be able to be changed by client.

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This mod idea came from MikeGrau0hr!!
Check out his YouTube

All of my Mods Appear to be working on newest Update, Please report any bugs

Version Control
0.0.1 - Release!