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Automatics is a mod that automates the tedious tasks of life in Valheim. Most of its features exist in existing mods, but it has been re-designed to make it easier for me to use.

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


Automatics - Valheim Mod

Automatics is a mod that automates the tedious tasks of life in Valheim. Most of its features exist in existing mods, but it has been re-designed to make it easier for me to use.


Each of the features described below can be completely disabled using the "Disable Module" option in the configuration.

Automatic door

Automatically opens and closes the door near the player. The interval and distance to detect the player can be changed from the configuration.

Automatic mapping

Automatic pinning animals, monsters, floras, veins, dungeons, etc. that exist around the player to the map. The pinning allows for each object and the detection range of the object can be changed from the config.

Custom icon pack: You can also define your own icons in png and json files. See docs/custom-icon-pack.adoc for custom icon pack specifications.

Document - Custom Icon Pack

Automatic processing

Refueling pieces that need fuel. Deliver materials to pieces that process materials, and store items produced by pieces. These tasks can be automated via containers around the piece.

Automatic feeding

Modifies tamable creatures so that they can eat food from containers and the player’s inventory, not just items on the ground.

Automatic repair

It can automatically repair items when the player is near a crafting station or when the crafting station GUI is opened or automatically repair nearby pieces when the player has a hammer equipped.

Automatic mining

Automatically mines minerals in the player’s surroundings. You can also add a shortcut key that allows you to mine at any time.

Automatic pickup

Automatically pick up items around the player. You can also add a shortcut key that searches the surroundings for the same items as the interacted item and pick up them all.

Console commands

Automatics add a few commands to help the user.


Usage: automatics (OPTIONS…​)

Displays the usage of commands added by Automatics.


Option Description
-i, --include=VALUE Show only commands whose names include the word specified in this option.
-e, --exclude=VALUE Exclude commands whose names contain the word specified with this option.
-v, --verbose Displays detailed usage of the command.
-h, --help Displays a help message and exits the command.


Usage: printnames (OPTIONS…​) (WORD|REGEXP)…​

Outputs internal or display names that contain the specified string or match the specified regular expression. If multiple arguments are specified, only those matching all of them will be output.

WORD A text contained in the internal or display name. (e.g. $enemy_, $item_, $piece_, Boar, Mushroom, Wood door); All partially matching internal and display names are output.

REGEXP A regular expression of the internal or display name to be output. Must be prefixed with r/ (e.g. r/^[$]item\_, r/^boar$)


Option Description
-h, --help Displays a help message and exits the command.


  • printnames ling r/^[$]enemy_

  • printnames r/^[[email protected]]location_.+(?<!_(enter|exit))$

  • printnames mushroom r/^[$]item_.+(?<!_description)$


Usage: printobjects [TYPE] (OPTIONS…​)

Display objects that can be handled by Automatics in the nearby.

TYPE Type of object to be displayed. Specify one of the following: animal, monster, flora, mineral, spawner, vehicle, dungeon, spot, other.


Option Description
-r, --radius=VALUE Specify the range within which the object is to be searched. [Default: 32] (Unit: Meters)
-n, --number=VALUE Specify how many objects matching the condition are to be displayed. [Default: 4]
-i, --include=VALUE Show only objects whose internal or display names match the word specified in this option. It works as a regular expression by concatenating r/ at the beginning of the string.
-e, --exclude=VALUE Exclude objects whose internal names or display names match the word specified with this option. It works as a regular expression by concatenating r/ at the beginning of the string.
-h, --help Displays a help message and exits the command.

The result of this command may show objects that you feel are not of the target type. For example, a Flint appear in the Flora search. This is not a bug but means that Automatics can treat Flint as Flora.


I recommend using Configuration Manager.

Configuration Menu (Click to view full size)

The README would be too large if we described all the details of the configuration, so we split it into separate file.

Open CONFIG.adoc to see the configuration details.

Adding object definitions to Automatics

You can use the Configuration Manager to define objects that you want Automatics to work with.

User-defined objects in GUI

Open docs/add-user-defined-object.adoc to learn more about adding user-defined objects.

About deprecated options

Resources Directory / [resources_directory]

Provided to load custom icon packs, this option will be discontinued in the near future as Automatics can now load custom icon packs from the BepInEx plugin folder.

Supplementary explanation

Matching by "Display name" and "Internal name"

In some features of Automatics, there is an option that allows the user to add targets as needed. The "Display name" and "Internal name" are used to identify these targets. The display name and internal name are matched according to different rules.

Display name

Display names are the names that appear in the game, such as Boar, Deer, Dandelion, etc. The matching rule for "Display name" is a partial match, meaning that if the target display name contains the specified string, it matches. It is case-insensitive.

Internal name

Internal names are the names used inside the game program, such as $enemy_boar, $enemy_deer, $item_dandelion, etc. The matching rule for "Internal name" is an exact match, meaning that if the target internal name is identical to the specified string, it matches. It is case-insensitive. Note that internal names for translations added by Automatics are prefixed with @, not $, as in @internal_name

Matching Samples

Display name Internal name
Greyling $enemy_greyling
Greydwarf $enemy_greydwarf
Surtling $enemy_surtling

Target data

Grey ling $enemy_greyling $enemy_greydwarf $enemy_
Greyling Match Match Match No match No match
Greydwarf Match No match No match Match No match
Surtling No match Match No match No match No match

Matching result


Language Translators Status
English Translation Tools 100%
Japanese EideeHi 100%


Bug report on Issues

Only bug reports are accepted under Issues.

eidee.net - Discord Server

Questions, suggestions and comments are welcome on the Discord Server.



Automatics is developed and released under the MIT license. For the full text of the license, please see the LICENSE file.


v1.4.4 [2023-03-23]

  • Fixed a bug where the automatic door stops functioning when the player moves a certain distance away from it.
  • Fixed a bug where pins would be duplicated and added when the vehicle moves, if the vehicle's automatic mapping is enabled.

v1.4.3 [2023-03-18]

  • Updated for changes in Valheim 0.214.2.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Pickup All Nearby" shortcut key wouldn't work if it included an interact key (e.g. Shift + E).
  • Fixed a bug that caused wild animals to attack containers with food under certain conditions, even if they were allowed to eat from them.
  • Fixed a bug where portals wouldn't be automatically pinned, even if "Allow Pinning Portal" was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where pins would remain on the map even after disabling automatic mapping in the configuration.

v1.4.2 [2023-03-12]

  • Fixed a bug where the game won't start if some modules are disabled.

v1.4.1 [2023-03-11]

  • Fixed a bug where the toggle key for automatic doors would become disabled after using it to turn off the function.
  • Fixed a bug where the automatic mapping function would delete unrelated pins, such as pins added by users or boss pins.
  • Fixed a bug where the automatic mapping function would cause an exception when loading the world without exiting the game after logging out of the world.
  • Fixed a bug where the automatic door closing function would not work, causing the door to remain open.
  • The "printobjects" command can now output doors and containers.
  • Fixed a bug where the automatic repair function would cause an exception under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Distance For Automatic Opening" configuration for automatic doors was not functioning and instead referenced "Distance For Automatic Closing."
  • Modified the "Disable Module" item in the configuration to be more intuitive.
  • Added "Hexagonal gate" to the door presets.

v1.4.0 [2022-12-26]

  • Overall Rewriting
    • AutomaticDoor
      • Logic Improvements
    • AutomaticFeeding
      • A little refactoring
    • AutomaticMapping
      • Add Vehicle category
      • Portal pinning is now a stand-alone option, not in the Other category
      • Static object pins are no longer saved by default. They can be changed to be saved in the options
      • You can now hold down the left Shift key and click on a pin on the map to force the pin to change to save
      • Added option to automatically remove pins when destructible objects are destroyed. (probably won't work perfectly, so don't expect too much)
    • AutomaticMining
      • Limit the number of parts that can be damaged by automatic mining to a maximum of 3 at a time
    • AutomaticProcessing
      • Removed the option to limit crafting by the total number of items in a product, instead added an option to limit crafting by the number of product stacks
      • Added option to replenish material only when the material in the processor runs out
      • Added option to refuel only when the fuel in the processor runs out
      • Smelter's automatic crafting has been improved to process time-based quantities of material even when away from it for extended periods of time
    • AutomaticRepair
      • A little refactoring
  • Added AutomaticPickup feature
  • Custom objects have been renamed User-defined objects and moved to the General category of the Config
  • Mistlands content has been added to the automation
  • Added options to completely disable each feature
  • Change the console command to take arguments like the CLI

v1.3.2 [2022-12-06]

  • Rebuild for Mistlands Update
    • Content added in the Mistlands Update is not yet available for automation by Automatics

v1.3.1 [2022-11-13]

  • Fix an error that occurred if ConfigurationManager was not installed
  • Custom map icons can now be treated as child mod of Automatics
    • For details, refer to the "Directory structure" section of the README
  • Add option to hide pin names on custom map icon
    • For details, refer to the "options" entry in the "Format of custom-map-icon.json" section of the README
  • Add option to set the scale at which custom map icons appear on the map
    • For details, refer to the "options" entry in the "Format of custom-map-icon.json" section of the README

v1.3.0 [2022-04-26]

  • Add the feature of 'Automatic Mining'
  • Add option to change the directory to load resources such as translation files and custom icons
  • Add option to change the position of the message displayed when enabling/disabling the automatic door function with a shortcut key
  • Change so that the slider for handling floating decimals in the configurator increases or decreases the numerical value by 0.01 increments
  • Reviewed and corrected the key names and descriptions in the configuration options
    • The configurations are automatically migrated, but be sure to check the values of the configurations after starting the game to be sure
  • Rewrote most of the automatic mapping feature
    • Fix inability to apply custom icons with internal names to birds
    • Change the deposit pinning location to the center of the object
      • Due to this change, large deposits such as copper may be pinned in duplicate with existing pins
    • Add custom options for other objects, dungeons, and spots

v1.2.1 [2022-04-19]

  • Change the automatic door to not work if there is an obstacle between the player and the door
  • Change the minimum automatic door process interval to 0
    • Setting the value below 0.1 disables automatic opening or closing. The substantive minimum interval remains unchanged from 0.1
  • Change so that the printnames command searches all translations
    • With this change, the printnames command can now take multiple arguments, allowing for more powerful filtering
    • See printnames usage for command details

v1.2.0 [2022-04-16]

  • Change the format of the Cutom Map Icon settings file from csv to json
  • Change translation files format from csv to json
  • Fix 'Standing brazier' was omitted from 'Automatic Processing'
  • Fix to be able to output names of fish, birds and dungeons with the 'printnames' command
  • Fix a bug that prevented some config values from being read accurately

v1.1.2 [2022-04-14]

  • Add command to output internal and display names
  • Add options to suppress automatic processing based on item count
  • Add option to automatic refuel only when materials supplied
  • Change 'Automatic Repair' not to work during game pauses
  • Change 'Allow...(Custom)' options to evaluate for exact match if an internal name is specified, or partial match if a display name is specified
    • The "$enemy_boar" matches only "Boar", but "Greydwarf" matches "Greydwarf brute" and "Greydwarf shaman" in addition to "Greydwarf"
    • The same goes for TARGET for Custom Map Icon

v1.1.1 [2022-04-10]

  • Fix package task of mod files for Thunderstore
  • Fix a bug in which the 'Repair Pieces' function continued to work even though the 'Automatic Repair' feature was disabled in the configuration

v1.1.0 [2022-04-07]

  • Add the feature of 'Automatic Feeding'
  • Add the feature of 'Automatic Repair'
  • Add option to allow automatic opening/closing for any door
  • Fix a bug where the generated items would be lost if Smelter could not find the container when 'Automatic Store' was enabled
  • Fix a bug where the honey to be set over the maximum if Beehive could not find the container when 'Automatic Store' was enabled

v1.0.6 [2022-04-04]

  • Fix a bug that prevented automatic pinning of player existing in the open air under certain conditions, judging that they exist in the dungeon
  • Add elements added in patch 0.207.20 to be the target for automatic pinning
  • Change the maximum value of the container search range in 'Automatic Processing' to 64
  • Change to remove pins added by automatic pinning when some veins are destroyed

v1.0.5 [2022-03-28]

  • Add shortcut key to perform searches for static objects
  • Add shortcut key to enable/disable automatic door
  • Fix a bug that caused dynamic pins to remain on the map when auto-pinning was disabled from the config
  • Change the initial value of the 'Automatic Map Pinning' configuration

v1.0.4 [2022-03-18]

  • Fix a bug fish were not pinned
  • Fix a bug that caused pins to be deleted at unintended times
  • Fix a bug in which automatic pinning of ship was enabled regardless of the config value
  • Add the feature to customize the icons of pins added by auto pinning
    • There are no custom icons bundled with Automatics, please add your own

v1.0.3 [2022-03-16]

  • Fix a bug where tamed animals continue to be pinned
  • Add options for users to add map pinning targets (animals, monsters, flora, veins, and spawners)
    • As a result, elements added by mods are no longer automatic pinning unless this option is used
  • Add an option to allow ships to be automatic pinning
    • This is dynamic pinning, but unlike other dynamic pins, the pins is saved in the save data

v1.0.2 [2022-03-15]

  • Improvement of FPS drop due to Automatic Map Pinning
    • In particular, FPS is greatly improved in areas with a lot of flora, such as farms
  • Reduce the processing load on Automatic Door
  • Add Portal to the Automatic Map Pinning target
    • Portal is added to 'Allow Pinning Other Objects'

v1.0.1 [2022-03-06]

  • Fix a bug that prevented some Tar Pits from being pinning
  • Fix a bug in which automatic map pinning of static objects causes a significant drop in FPS
  • Fix logic for determining if a vein is in ground
  • Change the Automatic Map Pinning process is not called when the game is paused
  • Change Automatic Door options so that Open and Close can be specified separately

v1.0.0 [2022-01-23]

  • Initial release

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2023-3-23 1.4.4 979 Version 1.4.4 Install
2023-3-18 1.4.3 799 Version 1.4.3 Install
2023-3-11 1.4.2 830 Version 1.4.2 Install
2023-3-11 1.4.1 332 Version 1.4.1 Install
2022-12-26 1.4.0 4640 Version 1.4.0 Install
2022-12-6 1.3.2 1960 Version 1.3.2 Install
2022-11-13 1.3.1 1077 Version 1.3.1 Install
2022-4-26 1.3.0 4027 Version 1.3.0 Install
2022-4-19 1.2.1 448 Version 1.2.1 Install
2022-4-16 1.2.0 304 Version 1.2.0 Install
2022-4-14 1.1.2 235 Version 1.1.2 Install
2022-4-9 1.1.1 301 Version 1.1.1 Install
2022-4-7 1.1.0 192 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-4-4 1.0.6 196 Version 1.0.6 Install
2022-3-28 1.0.5 260 Version 1.0.5 Install
2022-3-18 1.0.4 301 Version 1.0.4 Install
2022-3-16 1.0.3 140 Version 1.0.3 Install