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Adds 6 new armor sets

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Version 2.4.2
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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1900


** Please delete your old config file when new versions are released. **

I would like to express my immense thanks to GoldenJude. Without their help and guidance I would never have come close to being able to create this mod. I would also like to thank blaxxun and Azumatt for their help.

This mod will add 6 new armor sets, two for late iron age, and four for end game and some quite powerful / overpowered. You should be able to modify them using config files now.

1. Deep North Armor. Item ID: skoghelm, skogchest, skoglegs.

2. Flame Drake Armor. Item ID lagihelm (and lagihelmalt), lagichest, lagipants.

There is an alternative helmet for this set, called Flame Drake Helm (alt). It is slightly different visually.

3. Dwarven Steel Armor. Item ID bearhelm, bearchest, bearlegs.

Please note this is intended as a Mistlands tier armor, and the crafting materials and everything else about the armor might change (quite soon, hopefully!) with Mistlands release.

4. Sven's Helm and Ornate/Kilted silver armor. Item ID: sven, svenchest, svenlegs.

5. Knight armor. A significantly more powerful iron age option. I may add an end-game version in the future, too. Item ID: knighthelm, knightlegs, knightchest.

6. Shieldmaiden's Armor. Another iron age armor. Please be aware that the chest and, to a lesser extent, the legs of this armor will NOT show correctly on characters with a male body. It doesn't look terrible but there are some pretty significant clipping issues, as it's designed around the female character. ID: norahhelm, norahlegs, norahchest.


2.4.2 - Adds Shieldmaiden's armor. Changes upgrading costs (god I had forgotten how painful chains are to collect), name, and description for Wandering Knight's armor (now just "Knight's").

2.4.1 - Fixes Wandering Knight set. I swear I checked this ~_~. Sorry lol.

2.4.0 - Uses updated ItemManager, ServerSync (with thanks to blaxxun) and Mistlands Refs (hopefully haven't messed these up), as well as adds Wandering Knight armor. Other minor tidying of pre-existing sets.

2.3.0 - Ornate/Kilted Silver Armor added (meant to compliment Sven's helm visually)

2.2.4 - Deep North Armor durability and repair errors fixed

2.2.3 - Deep North Armor chest and legs revamped significantly

2.2.1 - Server sync fix/issues (Another thanks to those much cleverer than me!)

2.2.0 - Dwarven Steel armor added

2.0.1 - Minor adjustments to armors

2.0.0 - Flame Drake Armor added

1.1.3 - Sven's helm added

1.1.2 - Minor adjustments to Deep North Armor

1.1.0 - initial release