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This mod adds an user interface for equipping/using items in an easier and faster way. (With Gamepad Support)

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.800



This mod adds an user interface for equipping/using items in an easier and faster way. The menu will be visible by holding the 'G' key (can be changed). On gamepads it's the X button by default.

New in version 1.3.0: Better binding for hotkeys Hotkeys can now be key combos like 'SHIFT + 1'. Also the hotkey for gamepads can be changed in the config.

New in version 1.2.0: Item Type Matching Mode When enabled, it scans the whole inventory for items of the specified types in the config and use them in the equip wheel.

New in version 1.1.0: Gamepad Support Rebinds the gampad X-button to open the equip wheel. The left joystick controls the selected item.

To trigger equipping, release the Hotkey after selecting an item. (When TriggerOnRelease = true)

To trigger equipping, press the left mouse button after selecting an item. (When TriggerOnClick = true)

If you equip an one-handed weapon, the shield (if available) will be equipped automatically.

The mod allows also to choose a different inventory row to use for the equip wheel. The top-left hotkey bar can be optionally disabled.

Info: This mod should only be installed on the client side.

Requirements (Manual Installation)

BepInEx Modloader must be installed. Can be found here:

To install the mod just move the downloaded EquipWheel.dll to the <valheim-folder>\BepInEx\plugins\ folder.


A config file will be created after running the game once while the mod is installed:


Source Code

Change Log

  • Version 1.3.6
    • Fix Bug with selecting Epic Loot items on EquipWheel Two, Three and Four
  • Version 1.3.5
    • Fix issue with Hearth & Home Patch
  • Version 1.3.4
    • Add compatibility with EpicLoot
    • Change default UI scale (0.75 to 0.5)
  • Version 1.3.3
    • Add label for selected item
  • Version 1.3.2
    • Fix problem with overlapping key bindings (e.g. F and F+Shift)
    • Fix ordering of shields when auto-equipping
    • Fix config problem for shield auto-equipping
    • Remove some config options for additional equip wheels (Options now inherited from main equip wheel)
  • Version 1.3.1
    • Add protected bindings
  • Version 1.3.0
    • Add equip weapons while running
    • Add gamepad hotkey and automatic unbinding
    • Add mod enabled/disabled option
    • Change hotkey option from KeyCode to KeyboardShortcut (enables key combos)
    • Enable shield autoequip for hotkeybar
  • Version 1.2.3
    • Add ignoring item names (blacklist)
    • Add toggle option
    • Fix item names filtering
  • Version 1.2.2
    • Allow overriding hotbar keys
    • Add item names matching
  • Version 1.2.1
    • Add support for building variants
  • Version 1.2.0
    • Add item type matching
    • Change Hotkey from string to enum
    • Fix distance from center scaling
  • Version 1.1.0
    • Add gamepad support
    • Fix auto equip shield when one-hand weapon gets unequipped
  • Version 1.0.4
    • Fix inverted logic for hiding hotkeybar
  • Version 1.0.3
    • Add option to hide hotkey bar
    • Add option to choose different inventory row
    • Fix unequipping shild when it shouldn't
  • Version 1.0.2
    • Change shader compilation and bundling (fixes pink textures)
    • Fix auto equip shield when switched from bow
  • Version 1.0.1
    • Move asset unload right after GUI instantiation
  • Version 1.0.0
    • Initial Release

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2021-10-11 1.3.6 693 Version 1.3.6 Install
2021-9-17 1.3.5 1727 Version 1.3.5 Install
2021-4-15 1.3.4 4356 Version 1.3.4 Install
2021-4-1 1.3.3 1487 Version 1.3.3 Install
2021-4-1 1.3.2 58 Version 1.3.2 Install
2021-3-27 1.3.1 962 Version 1.3.1 Install
2021-3-27 1.3.0 248 Version 1.3.0 Install
2021-3-24 1.2.3 721 Version 1.2.3 Install
2021-3-23 1.2.2 423 Version 1.2.2 Install
2021-3-19 1.2.0 970 Version 1.2.0 Install
2021-3-18 1.1.0 215 Version 1.1.0 Install